Posted by: wtfwjd? | January 18, 2009

I have a friend in Scotland


A little background – Friedman is the author of best-selling tomes filled with golfing anecdotes and embarrassingly priapic, leg-humping panegyric on the wisdom, integrity and ingenuity of the super-rich business class. His opus The Lexus And The Olive Tree was a weighty rumination on the idea that giving pan-handling business interests and Armani-clad conmen total freedom of action would spin unlimited gold for all of humanity.

Now that the same financial class has, in full public view, driven the planet’s economy into the toilet and sparked a worldwide jobs-massacre, Friedman has a new plan – President Obama should threaten to nationalise the banks!

It may be tempting perceive this as Friedman’s epiphany, in which he realises his desperate inability to make accurate predictions, but beware – it’s a trick. Friedman is a genius of sorts, possessing a seemingly bottomless well of Duh, I wuz wrong again on which to draw. If Obama follows his advice, we’ll all be guarding our vegetable gardens with shotguns by 2010.

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