Posted by: wtfwjd? | September 26, 2008

I am changing my party affiliation to Libertarian

After receiving an email quoting Ron Paul on the evils of regulation, I have changed my position on the need for government intervention in market economies. The Libertarians have it right. (Ron Paul calls his economic philosophy “Austrian” which I think is kind of cool, bringing to mind as it does images of kangaroos and boomerangs.)

Yes, I’ve gotten sick and tired of the government interfering in the marketplace. And you know, it’s not just the markets, but other aspects of our lives as well. For one thing, I’m sick and tired of the government telling me when I have to stop and go. I am therefore calling for the removal of all traffic lights and stop signs from the City of Philadelphia. The government has no business meddling in the trafficplace.

Have you ever driven through an area where the power is out and the traffic lights at major intersections don’t work? Remember the unimpeded freedom it created? The efficiency of traffic flow through those intersections? That’s what results when the government beaureaucrats and their computerized traffic light controller box thingies stop making decisions about “oh, I think these guys over here can go now, but that guy over there, he has to stop.” The trafficplace decided! The trafficplace always knows what’s best. If someone’s a little faster on the gas or has a bigger, more threatening vehicle, others will naturally yield to that individual. If someone wants to stop for a few minutes while the other cars move through the cross street, well he has every right to do that. Don’t like it? Go around him! The point it, it’s his choice, and his right. And it’s your choice, and your right. Don’t let the government make those decisions for you!

I think my proposal may also have the effect of stimulating growth in the auto industry and create employment in auto body shops. Some of my friends who are personal injury lawyers say they would strongly support my plan as well.

Up next: the evils of public roads. I will explain why all roads should be privatized, and eminent domain eliminated, even if it means adding a few hundred miles to a short trip because some farmer doesn’t want a road cutting across his field.



  1. My son used to have a bumper sticker that said ‘Just say no to socialism’. He never seemed to understand the hypocrisy of driving that car around on our roads. Nice entry, Libertarianism equals anarchy.

  2. “Austrian” refers to a German speaking nation in central Europe. It’s Australia that has the kangaroos and boomerangs.

  3. Ron, that was a joke. Thought it would be obvious, but I guess not. I was playing the role of an idiot in that post.

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