Posted by: wtfwjd? | September 23, 2008

End-timers weigh in on macroeconomics


Right now, banks are losing around three cents for every dollar invested in mortgage securities. In the aftermath of the rapture, losses will be at least 25 percent. When one out of every ten houses suddenly becomes vacant, the value of homes across the nation will simply implode. Because every bank leverages its holdings by an average of 14 times, it would only take a drop of 8 percent to wipe them out.

Terry and I believe the financial system will likely hold together until the rapture occurs. Jesus said He would come at a time when the Church is not expecting Him. If America fell into a deep economic depression, interest in prophecy would soar, which in turn would create a conflict with the prediction of apathy at the time of the rapture.

I see this record level of economic chaos as a warning sign from God. Money is the greatest idol that people worship. By bringing Wall Street to its knees, the Lord is clearly trying to get the world’s attention. If man ignores this latest warning, as he has done with all the other ones, we are certain to proceed towards judgment.

I’d never thought about who would pay the mortgages after all the True Believers get called up. Gonna hafta factor that into my 401(k) planning.


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