Posted by: wtfwjd? | September 12, 2008

Those were the days, my friends

Howie Kurtz:

The McCain camp has already accused the MSM of trying to “destroy” the governor of Alaska. So any challenge to her record or her veracity can now be cast as the product of an oh-so-unfair press. Which, needless to say, doesn’t exactly please reporters, and makes the whole hanging-with-McCain-on-the-Straight-Talk era seem 100 years ago.

Dude. [inhales deeply, holds smoke in] You had to be there. Hangin’ with Johnny McCain on the STE. [exhales] Dude. It was frickin’ awesome. Total access. Drinks out the waz. Talkin’ ’bout NATO expansion over a Stoli martini. You had to be there, man. It was right up there with when I saw the Dead at the Fillmore in ’71. Frickin’ awesome, dude!


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