Posted by: wtfwjd? | September 3, 2008


Never thought I’d link to Michael Smerconish:

Is she more knowledgeable than Mitt Romney on the economy? No way.

Stronger on terror than Tom Ridge? Impossible.

Capable of leading on Day One? Nobody could make that case.

How long will it be until somebody says they know Joe Biden, served with Joe Biden, and on credentials, she’s no Joe Biden?

…And here’s what’s most important. If it turns out that Palin’s political emergence was premature, it isn’t her fault – it’s McCain’s. He picked her, not vice versa. And his selection process and its result could tell us something his judgment.

That indicates a visceral choice on the most important decision a 72-year-old presidential candidate – a cancer survivor – might ever make.

All the more reason that I’ll be inside the Xcel Center tonight looking to understand not only who she is, but what could have caused McCain to roll the dice on someone with a thin resume after a vetting process that appears superficial at best.


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