Posted by: wtfwjd? | July 16, 2008

Dukakis did better than Clinton

Atrios writes:

In those landslide Republican wins, Carter got 41%, Mondale got 40.6%, and Dukakis got 45.6%.

And in 1992, Clinton won with 43.0%. So Dukakis did better against Bush I than Clinton did. (After one term in office though people decided, hey, we like Democrats (thanks, Newt!) and 4 years later Clinton got 49.2% to Bob Dole’s positively Mondolian 40.7%.)

Don’t have a point really other than that Clinton didn’t have a really strong win in ’92 (thanks, Ross!) and that popular-vote-wise, Dukakis didn’t do all that badly, yet he only won 10 states and the District.


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