Posted by: wtfwjd? | July 8, 2008


Maybe I’m being picky, but when a pedestrian is killed by an automobile that runs a red light, to me it’s not a “car crash.” Yeah, the car did crash into some other cars, but most significantly, the driver killed an innocent person. He “apparently had been drinking and also admitted to police ‘to taking some narcotics.'”

I don’t have stats, but I’m guessing reckless driving kills more innocent people than guns do in America, and it doesn’t seem to be treated as a serious problem. When you’re a pedestrian for awhile, and you see how little respect many drivers have for pedestrians, it makes you wonder why…



  1. I agree 100%. I’m a pedestrian by choice (one car family and I do not drive.) I can’t tell you how many times some oblivious or erratic driver has almost run me down. I am on guard all the time.

    I also can’t count how many times those drivers have been on a cell phone, eating, applying makeup, texting, or other “tasks” where their eyes were looking elsewhere than out their windows.

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