Posted by: wtfwjd? | July 2, 2008

That explains the tricksy Arabic posts

I have discovered the true identity of the one who calls himself Noz:

MADRID, Spain – With Middle East tensions building, Iran’s oil minister warned Wednesday that an attack on his country would provoke an unimaginably fierce response.

Minister Gholam Hossein Nozari said, however, that Tehran would not cut oil deliveries and would continue supplying the market even if struck by Israel or the United States.

OK, so Iranians speak Farsi, not Arabic. But with a middle name like “Hossein” and his admitted use of the terrorist fist jab this Noz fellow is obviously some type of America-hater. And “Gholam” — isn’t that some kind of Jew-eating monster?

I understand he is even known to drink French wine.

Mithras, you’re next.



  1. dammit! i can’t believe you outed me.

  2. Geez, this is better than the CIA.

    (Not that that is saying much.)

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