Posted by: wtfwjd? | June 11, 2008

Village Idiot 19146

Camille Paglia, whom my late friend Jim Capozzola dubbed “Philadelphia’s very own Village Idiot,” has identified a new cause of homosexuality, and naturally, it is not genetic:

Stressed-out, wired, over-conceptualized Anglo-American womanhood, currently on display in the hit film of “Sex and the City,” is causing cultural dyspepsia. Is it any wonder that so many interesting, talented young men are reluctant to marry or have turned gay in droves? Exactly what do young professional women have to offer these days, aside from hyper office talk over a business lunch?

Apparently this has something to do with Obama’s veep pick, but I’m not sure what.



  1. I can see the headlines now: “Sex And The City makes you gay!!”

    Do some people even think before they write this stuff?

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