Posted by: wtfwjd? | June 11, 2008

JSM campaign issues SOS

OK, earlier I linked to the hilarious comments left on McCain’s site by “buyers” of the McCain golf pack. Well I know some of you felt that golf was a little elitist for your average working-class Republican McCain supporter, so I wanted to bring your attention to something for the everyman: the $200 John McCain Nautical Lapel Pin, a must-wear item for every anti-elitist yachtsman this summer.

What’s even better is that as this individual points out, nautical flags not only represent the alphabet (spelling out in this case JSM — John Sidney McCain), they are also used to communcate messages.

Here’s what the flags on McCain’s $200 pin mean:

I am on fire and have dangerous cargo; keep clear.

Moving astern. (Moving backwards)

My vessel is stopped; making no way.

My fervent hope is that these jokes keep writing themselves all the way till November.



  1. I like that the first (on fire) flag looks a bit like the marriage equality bumper stickers.

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