Posted by: wtfwjd? | May 23, 2008

Let bear more shovels

OK, this is pretty funny. Via a commenter on this post, I find that — this is scary — Friedman’s mustache drippings are being translated. Like, into other languages.

According to the same commenter, some of his Russian readers are trying to make sense, as I did, of the maxim in his closing paragraph. Here is the Russian translation of his May 21st column and here — this is the funny part — is a Google translation of the Russian back into English. It actually reads better this way! Especially if you can imagine reading it with a Russian accent. Translated into Russian and then compu-translated back to English the last paragraph becomes:

There is a golden rule: hit the pit – not make it deeper. And if in three at once? Let bear more shovels.

Hear this ageless maxim read with a Russian accent.

I may have to make this a regular feature.


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