Posted by: wtfwjd? | May 19, 2008

Pleasure is all mind

I sent a thank you email to a co-worker earlier, and she sent back a reply:

Pleasure is all mind. ;)

I collect these little office…they’re not quite malapropisms, but something close. “It’s not rocket scientist!” is one I heard the other day. The same woman who sent me today’s gem once told me (we were discussing the flu that was going around), “It’s spreading like wildflower!”

But really, there is some profound insight in that quote, “pleasure is all mind.” I think it’s like a little zen koan. Well, not quite a koan, but something to think about just the same.

A couple other words/phrases I have collected in the office:

“He’s bitin’ at the chomp!”

“We need to nip it in the butt!”

“The cream in my coffee curled.”

“I have a photogenic memory.”

“It’s a multi-fauceted problem.”

“Masting tape”



  1. In my office we seem to have an unending supply of ‘vanilla’ folders…

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