Posted by: wtfwjd? | May 18, 2008

Jim Webb on Bush on Iran

On Bush’s Iran/Hitler comments:

It shows how out of touch this administration has been… and why we’re still in Iraq. It’s a classic holding action so that political resolutions can be made. He should be looking at China in the 70s, not Germany in the 30s. By aggressive diplomacy, and keeping other options open and maintaining alliances, we could bring China into the community.

This is exactly right. Before Bush’s whole “Axis of Evil” thing and all the subsequent sabre-rattling towards Iran, the consensus in even the right-realist foreign policy circles — thinking specifically of Eagleburger and his circle (or Eaglebugger as my late father called him) — was that Iran was an emerging democracy along the lines of China or India and if tended properly, a future US ally. Bush/Cheney/McCain have helped to destroy that vision in the near-term and they seem to want to make sure the possibility of a future democratic and friendly Iran is completely outside the bounds of proscribed thought.

The media, for the most part, still follow their lead in terms of the narrative on Iran. It’s maddening.


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